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Mortem Labs

B.A.M.F. Coffee Limited Edition

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Getting one of these LIMITED quantity bags will get you the Baddest MFing coffee around! We decided against fancy labels and instead went with fancy gold bags! After all the coffee in this bag stands out and deserves gold! Hand selected by our Coffee Scientist Mike, this bean is from Colombia and we will tell you about it! It is from the Huila region and is a pink bourbon coffee. It is an Anaerobic Natural which is how the bean is processed. This is one of the reasons it is so naturally sweet. The tasting notes are apricot, jam, strawberry and kiwi. It was sample roasted on our Roest sample roaster to dial in the sweetness than roasted in one single small batch on the Probat PB12. There is only 24 bags of this coffee so snag one while you can!